Portugese paradise - Magic surf

Returning to Portugal after cruising down to Morocco and the beautiful but slightly wave lacking Spanish mediterranean coast, we struck gold! For a good week the wind switched offshore and beachbreaks of south west Portugal turned on, it’s safe to say we made the most of it, multiple surfs a day plus the weather was also pretty good!

Here’s a selection of shots including Matt surfing a sweet right hand sandbank, it shifted throughout the week and that’s when the lefts slightly further down the beach started turning on and there were pumping barrels to be had! We chatted to a few locals after snapping some post surf pictures before the light faded one night, and they as well as us were comparing it to Indonesian reefbreak quality.. it was epic!!

So we hope you enjoy looking through the images.

Slow 'n steady livin' Moroccan wonderland

Living on wheels enables us to move with the seasons and sleep and rise with the rhythm of the sun. We follow the push of the swell along the coastline and venture into the mountains when it's hiding away. We feel a part of the landscape like the roads are mapped on our hands all the way to our fingertips.

This is a glimpse of our life on wheels travelling through Morocco in North west Africa. We hope you enjoy it, more videos are in the pipeline!