Features and Collaborations Overview

This is a page for sharing collaborations and projects we have worked on as well as features we have been included in. Click on the link buttons to see the original content. 

The map in the van (Image from Instagram)

The map in the van (Image from Instagram)

Steph pointing to where we got engaged. (Image from Instagram)

Steph pointing to where we got engaged. (Image from Instagram)


Here is the first part of our collaboration with Mapiful. We were sent one of their cool, customised maps which we were pretty stoked about! We chose a map of Europe which went straight up in pride of place in the van!

When ordering the map you can have specific co-ordinates included that could just be the area you have chosen for the map of they can be of somewhere special to you, for us we chose where we got engaged in Portugal.

We also included the quote - “Not all those who wander are lost” which is a pretty important one for both of us.

If you do fancy one yourself make use of our discount code - slownsteadylivin10

The first pieces of content we have produced have been shared on our social media.

Steph surrounded by maps!

Steph surrounded by maps!

Third piece of content for TomTom ‘GoCamper’ sat-nav campaign

Planning some routes!

Planning some routes!

TomTom Global ‘GoCamper’ Sat Nav campaign

Final content

TomTom Global - ‘Go Camper’ Sat-Nav campaign

We were able to work with TomTom Global on their ‘GoCamper’ sat-nav campaign which was pretty cool.

We used and reviewed one the satnav’s checking out its special features which included ‘points of interest’ as well as being able to set your vehicle ‘dimensions’ as to not get caught out.

We were also able to give one of the devices away to our followers on Instagram which we were really excited about!

There are a few more posts to come so stay tuned!

Click the image to see the video on our Instagram

Surf imagery features


Boardmasters featured Blog post

We have recently created a blog post for Boardmasters


Apartment Therapy home tour

An interior tour of the van for a lifestyle and interior design community who usually share and post tours of beautiful apartments and rooms (static) so we were very excited to be able to share our moving home when we received the request to do a home tour.


The Indie Projects - Van tour

During the summer of 2017 we were approached by 'The Indie Projects' to film a tour of the van 

This is the result! The shoot actually ended up being on the hottest and most beautiful day of the year we had a lunch break during the day which consisted of a Moroccan tagine and a delicious cream tea.. true cornish style, we hope you enjoy!



At the back end of 2017 we were interviewed by Boardmasters who subsequently released a feature on their website 

We have more exciting news coming up in collaboration with Boardmasters also so stay tuned.



Wagon Surf Adventures

We worked alongside this adventure bus which toured through Portugal and Morocco and had an epic time! We met some genuinely great people who came to stay with us along the way. We were mainly searching for the best surf (which we found plenty of!), following the sun, giving people a taste of life on the road as well as soaking in the culture these two beautiful countries have to offer. It was a great way to spend the winter and we collected some quality snaps for the guests as well as for our own use.. have a little look at this selection below.